At Malafemmena, each flavor narrates a new chapter in this adventure. Forget about the everyday; here, we open the door to the extraordinary. Rediscover Italian cuisine, reinvented to take you on a journey through the regions of Italy, from the robust flavors of Sicily to Naples itself.
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Un Lienzo di Sapori in the heart of Madrid.

Just imagine: each dish as a masterpiece, painted with the vibrant colors of fresh ingredients, where every meal is an exhibition showcasing the beauty of simplicity and the depth of flavors. Malafemmena, where the kitchen is the artist’s studio and each creation is an invitation to explore untold stories, to live unexpected emotions.

If we’ve captured your attention, if you’ve let your imagination soar with us and wish to immerse yourself in our experience; if you have a special occasion to celebrate, or simply want to share your impressions and suggestions, we are here to listen.

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If Monica Bellucci lived in Madrid, she would surely book with us.

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C/ Doctor Esquerdo 13, 7, 28028 Madrid

The stories of Malafemmena continue beyond our doors. Join our family to not miss a single moment of the magic.

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